About Tricketts

“I’m not sure what you’ll put in this page but I think you’ll need it…”

[.What is this?.]
This is a blog largely dedicated to fashion in the virtual world of Second Life. Specifically this is the “About” page on that blog. Someday, it may actually get somewhere.

[.What is this?.]
Second Life is a virutal enviroment. It is not a simulation or any other form of game as there is no actual simulation or designated aim involved. It’s an enviroment you can go to create things, dress up or find other bored people to talk/dance/sex with and maybe, eventually, make friends with. x:

[.What Are Tricketts?.]
Tricketts are shy, elusive creatures. Generally refered to as “fauns”, they are perhaps more accurately described as being a “deer-girl”.
They dine almost exclusively on sugary goods, pizza and any other tomato-cheese based products available.
Originating from forests, Tricketts are comfortable in many rural and urban enviroments so long as those enviroments are not sporting pink and blue poseballs.
Tricketts are skilled at procrastinating, making excuses and sleeping. Their social skills are a bit iffy and they’re pretty good at putting their foot (or hoof, as the case may be) in their mouth and just generally being awkward.

Tricketts are for: corsets and high waists; the biggest flares available; leg warmers, gaiters and spats; hooves and weird leg accessories; string and threads; garter-anythings; elf ears; antlers and horns and weird head gear; deer themes; cute, burlesque and alternative themes; pale and dark skins; freckles and moles; the unique, the weird and the creepy.
Tricketts are not so into: under boob and butt cracks; low crotch pants; disproportionate shapes.

“Second Life is quite a shitty, slow game where nothing much happens, but people do make an effort with clothes, hair and make-up. The weird thing is, you have the chance to really create something fantastic – you know, with rabbit ears or you could be green. But most people want to look like Katie Price and Peter Andre, and wear clothes like people on Big Brother. It’s even more conformist than real life.” –Ann-Sofie Back

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