[Freebie] Endless Summer Hunt Mash Up: Black and White

[.Admire My Ugly System Feet.]
I know you’ve seen this shirt and I know you’ve seen this skirt but here they are together. :D It’s a bit hard to wear them like this in world because they clip a bit at the back but they’re very nice gifts. :3
Most of these items come from the Endless Summer Hunt with a sneak tattoo appearance from the 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt. :3

[.In The Buff.]
[Skin] *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Joo base(Salmon) [My Ugly Dorothy by Sophia Portal] Only available on the marketplace
[Hair] >TRUTH< Mercedes – pearl [Truth by Truth Hawks] Pretty sure this was retired

[Ears] *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin [Illusions by Siyu Suen]
[Antlers] *~*Sika Antlers [Illusions by Siyu Suen]

[.Painted On.]
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Barbie B Lips – Pink [Pink Acid by Stasey Oller] Endless Summer Hunt #54

[Chest Tattoo] [ZENTRO] Family tattoo [Zentro by Chrome Midal] 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt #16
[Leg Tattoo] Maori Summer [Endless Pain by Mae Jewell] Endless Summer Hunt #23

[.Dressed Up.]
[Shirt] .:Damned dolls:.Knotted Shirt [Damned Dolls by Saphirs Stoop] Endless Summer Hunt #21
[Tank] .:cheeky:. Splash Tank / Endless Summer HUNT [Cheeky by PiStyle Primswitch] Endless Summer Hunt #13
[Skirt] Blueberry *Mesh* Lovely Hunt Skirt [Blueberry by Blueberryxx] Endless Summer Hunt #09
[Sandals + Pose] Juxtapose – Endless Summer Days -M2 [Juxtapose by Rain Laval] Endless Summer Hunt #72

[.To The Nines.]
[Sunglasses] *Epic* Mesh Kawaii You’re a Star Sunglasses! [Epic by Jade Winthorpe] Endless Summer Hunt #05
[Piericngs] :HV: Subtle Dare [Ink] Thick [Hebanon Vial by Trisha Zweig] Endless Summer Hunt #11
[Bracelets] etham – Hook Bracelet [Etham by StephenWeiss] Endless Summer Hunt #75
[Bag] GG Mesh_Beach Bag Black & White [Grumble by Serenity Quar] Endless Summer Hunt #52
[Sandals + Pose] Juxtapose – Endless Summer Days -M2 [Juxtapose by Rain Laval] Endless Summer Hunt #72

[.Shoot It Out.]
[Pose + Sandals] Juxtapose – Endless Summer Days -M2 [Juxtapose by Rain Laval] Endless Summer Hunt #72

[Freebie ] Depraved Nation: High Voltage // Part 1: Skins

I was going to do the Make Home Over Hunt but then I realised I hate hunting in furniture stores, they’re so big and primmy. ): So I did Depraved Nation’s High Voltage hunt instead. :3

Depraved Nation is an alternative sim that holds an event every month. Usually they are gridwide hunts but occasionally they hold gatch fairs and sim hunts.
Usually I cherry pick the hunts but this hunt only has 60 stores and they were all hand picked by the organisers so I decided to go ahead and do the whole thing.
“We already know this, Trickett.”
I like to be informative. ): You can find all the hints and SLURLs on Depraved Nation site and the hunt starts at .

The Sugar skins are available in two tones, these are the second lightest and darkest. The package comes with a clevage version, a teeth version and a version with both teeth and clevage. (But not clevage with teeth. x: That’s why that sentence is so wordy. :3 )
The middle skin from EnvyMe includes a clevage version too.
For the rest of the posts I will be wearing the lightest shade from Sugar. :3

Depraved Nation: High Voltage Hunt Skins
Horns // *Epic* {DN-HV} Pierced Mini Demon Horns! {Coal} // Epic by Jade Winthrope // #25
Hair // [e] Me – Black 04 // Elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin // Illusions by Siyu Suen

Skin 1 // : S u g a r : Fireball {High Voltage} Teeth :2: // Sugar by Iokko Molko // #54
Eyes 1 // *Birth* Hypnotic Eyes – Magik_Iceblast // Birth by Silent Alchemi // #52

Skin 2 // ::EM:: Erika Skin Eye Cats // EnvyMe by Emmira // #38
Eyes 2 // REPULSE – Torn Eyes (Grey) // Repulse by Max Lexigle // #55

Skin 3 // : S u g a r : :4: Fireball {High Voltage} // Sugar by Iokko Molko // #54
Eyes 3 // *Birth* Hypnotic Eyes – Magikal_Ethereal // Birth by Silent Alchemi // #52