[Freebie] Needs More Goth

[.Now That I Have Your Attention.]

Just a general freebie mash up featuring things from the Depraved Nation Endless Summer Hunt and the 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt. :3 I was going to take photos of all the gifts and stack them in one image but wow I hate cropping (should-have-taken-that-collar-off-before-I-took-all-the-close-ups). So I guess they’ll be popping up in other forms throughout the month. :3
This rather creepy make-up is the gift from A.E.Meth and it comes with the eyes. :3

[.Creep Creep.]

Do love this tattoo, it’s the Suicide Gurls 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt prize. It’s the men’s prize but I find tattoos are rather gender neutral. x:
Plastik is having a 50% off sale until the 25th. It’s only 149L for stuff on the the specials wall which includes past event releases including her Fifty Linden Friday megafatpacks, which is where the collar comes from. :3

[.In The Buff.]
[Skin] Essences – Thursday / light rose [Essences by Inka Mexicola]
[Creepy Eyes] [ a.e.meth ] – Smile.dog (eyes) [A.E.Meth by Aemeth Lysette] 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt #4
[Regular Eyes] B.C.C Freya Eyes Brown [Bonne Chance Couture by Vitamingirl] Group Gift (inlcude two other eyes and lipsticks)

[Hair] !lamb. Girlfriend In A Coma – Ink [Lamb by Lamb Bellic]

[Ears] *~*Bunny Ears: Easter Gift [Illusions by Siyu Suen] Old Group Gift
[Antlers] *~*Sika Antlers: Transfer [Illusions by Siyu Suen]

[.Painted On.]
[Creepy Face] [ a.e.meth ] – Smile.dog [A.E.Meth by Aemeth Lysette] 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt #4
[Gothic Makeup] Corvus : Damned Eyeshadow [Corvus by Lori Stanton] 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt #2

[Nails] *pulcino*Prim nail FREE Black [Pulcino by Piyogorou Aichi] Freebie

[Tattoo] Begs Male Tattoo -2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt [Suicide Gurls by Beb418] 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt #14

[.Dressed Up.]
[Corset] [Moyet]_**Extreme**_Latex_Corset_{Black} [Moyet by 577 Moyet] Group Lucky Board
[Skirt] :[P]:-Misfit Skirt :// Beauty [Plastik by Aikea Rieko] 50% sale until 25th

[.To The Nines.]
[Piercings] :HV: Subtle Dare [Ink] Thick [Hebanon Vial by Trisha Zweig] Depraved Nation Endless Summer Hunt #10
[Ear Plugs] :Z.S: Zebra cross plug [Zombie Suicide by Isis Zamin] Depraved Nation Endless Summer Hunt #26
[Collar] :[P]:- Devastation Collar://Seq [Plastik by Aikea Rieko] 149L for the sequin fatpack on the specials wall until 25th of July
[Braclets] PP- Van Bracelet [Pure Poison by Shaleene Kenin] Depraved Nation Endless Summer Hunt #79

[.Shoot It Out.]
[Creepy Pose] Ribbon60 [Ribbon by Mao Melody] Old dollarbie
[Pose] GLITTERATI – 288 [Glitterati on the marketplace by Katey Coppola] Model Pack 29

[Freebies + Discounts] Miss Libra

I had totally psyched myself up to get on Blender and make something but I just inadvertently deflated myself so I guess that means I’d better procrastinate and do some bloggy stuff. x:
I bring you 5000 word essays again!

[.CStar Skins: Gacha and LB Explained.]
Every month CStar releases a set of Miss Horoscope skins. In the past few months there have been 35 tones yo collect. Miss Libra has probably been one of my favoutie make-ups and theses are two of my favouite tones for this make-up, Pink Ribbon and Terra.
The skins are available in group lucky boards and a gacha. The gacha price starts at 10 and increases by 1 everday meaning these skins are currently between 30L and 40L a go.
There are two groups with one seperate lucky board each. A free to join group where the LB is only available for the first week and a VIP/platinum group where the LB is available all month and only take 1 minute to change. The VIP/platinum group is 1000L to join with occasional group gifts and giveaways. The groups are really helpful if you’re looking to trade for a specific skin tone. :3 The new skin should be out by the 23rd (I think the fee will go up to 10L) so make sure you join around then to get the best responses to group IMs. :3

[.BCC: Hunt.]
The mesh dress is 10L from the BCC Hallowe’en hunt. The hunt also offers the leggings shown, a cute ribbon headband, a set of texture wings, a hoodie and various eyes at prices ranging from 0L to 10L. You are looknig for a little bat.

[.Rue: Limited Edition Eyes.]
Rue is selling a set of limited edition eyes for Hallowe’en at 30L each of 120L for the fatpack of 10. I was originally just going to buy a couple but they were so cheap. x: There are also limited edition colours of Rue’s horns available.

[.Paradisis: Discount.]
I totally intend to give Paradisis it’s own post but just incase I don’t get around to it: great store, amazing prices, especially in the discount section where you can pick up fatpacks of her earleir releases for 99L.

And onto the credits. x:

[.In The Buff.]
[Skin] cStar Limited – Miss Libra 2012 (in Pink Ribbon and Terra) [CStar Limited by Unico Solo and AppleSpiceStore Resident] Limited time Gacha and LB
[Eyes] .{R}. [Oldies] Eyes/Elemental (in Bat, Flame and Ghost) [Rue by Ruina Kessel] Limited Edition, 30L each

[Hair] !lamb. Glass Candy [Lamb by Lamb Bellic]
[Hair Base] *booN vine shaved hair base [BooN by Boo Nakamura]

[Ears] *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin [Illusions by Siyu Suen]
[Antlers] *~*Sika Antlers [Illusions by Siyu Suen]

[.Painted On.]
[Heart Tattoo] ph. [hearts] part i. [Pixel Heart by Trickett Nightfire] Marketplace only
[Script Tattoo] [Plastik]-Feathers-S-Friday [Plastik by Aikea Rieko]
[Nails + Stars] *pulcino*Star tattoo Nail [Pulcino by Piyogorou Aichi] 20L for 13

[.Dressed Up.]
[Dress] : ) BCC. Bonne chance Angel Orange [Bonne Chance by Vitamingirl Resident] 10L Hallowe’en Hunt
[Leggings] : ) BCC . Dot leggings Orange [Bonne Chance by Vitamingirl Resident] 0L Hallowe’en Hunt

[Lingerie] PARADISIS My sweetheart [Paradisis by Ankhari Tammas] 99L for 3 colours
[Trousers] *CASHMERE*Janey Jeans (Rainbow) [Cashmere&Keane by Gianni Broda] They were from the Dressing Room sale and I bought them because they matched the colours pretty much. x: I don’t know if this exact colour is available in store but I do know they have these jeans with these patterns in other colours.

[.To The Nines.]
[Collar + Cuffs] PARADISIS My sweetheart [Paradisis by Ankhari Tammas] 99L for 3 colours

[.Shoot It Out.]
[Poses] I don’t quite remember which but I know they’re 1L or free [Marukin by Valencia Southard] 1L / free

[Freebie] Gothica + Hebenon Vial

(or Be Right Back, Addicted to MMOs.)

So I’ve downlaoded a few MMOs recently under the duress of friends and I haven’t really been in SL too much. In short, blog is still a mess. :3
On the brighter side I did eventually download Cool Viewer and now I am capable of leaving my home sim without crashing and lagging for eternity so less complaining abotu that. Yay. If you also have an old, slow comptuer, I think you would appreciate Cool Viewer, too. :3 It doesn’t have shadows or depth of field but that’s O.K. because our computers couldn’t handle it anyway. x: I do miss the favourites bar however and sometimes even the “save as outfit” option.

Today I bring you group gifts from Gothica. :3 The group is free to join and creator, Zillana Andel, has set out a group gift with each of her latest releases.
This is the Laytex Secret outfit and matching boots, which are mesh which means, yay no ankle breaks. :3
“Trickett, don’t you ever wear clothes anymore?”
Sometimes. >:

This mesh dress is the latest release at Gothica. :3 It fits my avatar very well however it only comes in three sizes so if you have a less conventional shape, you may have trouble getting it to your liking. The sizes are described as being Small (for a “small” chest and bottom), Medium (for a large chest and small bottom) and Large (for large chest and bottom) but the other dimensions (i.e. the waist and stomach) remain the same. The sleeves are on a separate mesh but they only come in one size. Admittedly there’s a slight clipping in this photo on the shoulder, that’s no fault of the dress I just really liked the pose. x:
And lastly, Hebenon Vial is closing down. ): This is a relatively new store which I was quite excited about seeing develop. The store largely offers piercings but I picked up a set of tattoos and the beautiful choker, which is no mod/resize scripted but has a texture change and shiny option. Everything costs 30L and I have no idea when it’ll be over. x:

I’m off to play Lineage 2, which my friends made me download last night. x: I get to pick between avatar features and class skills of preference or actual clothing. Yay, fantasy MMOs. ):
Next week: another noob-feminist post on why they probably shouldn’t have called it “Whore Couture Fair”. Or not? x:

Essential Tricketts
Hair // [Shag] – Goodbye – raven // Shag by Sebastien Aries
Skin // KRASOTA – Fransuasa skin T. 1 m. 1 // Krastoa by NinasBell Resident
Eyes // [T.P]-Mourn- Orleans // The Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Antlers // *~*Sika Antlers // Illusions by Siyu Suen
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals // Illusions by Siyu Suen
Eye Liner/Lashes + Freckles // La Malvada Mujer – Twiggy eyes + fr. // La Malvada Mujer by Faina Cortes Lipstick // PIDIDDLE – Party Pink Lipstick – Gloss/Teeth // Pididdle by Brutus Martinek
Wings // ~Scribble~ Ever After / Nevermore Wings // Scribble by Radio Signals

First Tricketts
Eyeshadow // ee. gaganess aqua // Elegant Epiffany by Bubble Faintree Choker // :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30 L Closing Sale
Tattoo // :Hebenon Vial: Death of Baroque [80%] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30L closing sale
Bodysuit + Stockings // [G] Laytex Secret *Full Body Suit* Straps ! White ! // Gothica by Zillana Andel // Group Gift
Boots // Laytex Hot Boots ! White ! // Gothica by Zillana Andel // Group Gift

Second Tricketts
Eyeshadow // lime // Elegant Epiffany by Bubble Faintree Choker // :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30 L Closing Sale
Tattoo // :Hebenon Vial: Death of Baroque [80%] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30L closing sale
Dress + Sleeves // ~[Gothica]~ Funky Jester !!Lime!! // Gothica by Zillana Andel
Boots // Laytex Hot Boots ! White ! // Gothica by Zillana Andel // Group Gift