[.All The Pretty Pictures.]
All images are copyright to Trickett Nightfire unelss otherwise stated. If you wish to use them on your website, please link back to my blog (http://www.trickettnightfire.wordpress.com) or my Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/trickettnightfire).
Images are not photoshopped in anyway unless otherwise stated. The only way I currently edit my images is to crop and add pixel heart motifs and occaionally text boxes.

[.And The Frilly Dresses.]
All products used in the images are creative content of their respective creators as far as I am aware. I do not blog copybotted content or ripped mesh. If you believe any creators I have blogged to have copybotted or ripped, you can leave me a notecard in world and I will look into it. If the creator has unknowingly created a product from copybotted/ripped full perm PSDs/sculpts/mesh/etc. I will add a note in the credits that the product has been removed but leave the post and tag as is.
If the products do not look the same in my images as they do on your screen then it is likely our enviromental settings are different.

[.Some Helping Hands.]
I use the PhotoStand II Basic by Serenity Mercier to help position my avatar whilst posing. This version is no longer available but an updated full version is for sale at Anake Media Systems.
I also use the AnyPose Expression HUD by Phate Shepherd to position my eyes and hands. It is available at the Any Pose and on the Marketplace.

[.I Heard You Like Tricketts?.]
If you were looking at this page for information on review policies, I am very grateful for your interest however I would not advise sending me review copies at the current time as I’m rather slow. x: I’m also not syndicated to the feeds as of yet. Maybe this will change one day but for now, I am not your most reliable blogger.

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