[Outfit] Tricketts From the ’80s [Green + Pink + Black]

Merry Christmas. :3
In case you were sick of red and green, here is lime and hot pink. x: I liek this colour combination a lot. Apparently I took these pictures on August the 30th. x: I got a new computer for Christmas, I’m trying to figure out what I need to transfer and publish so I can set it up today. x: Probably just in time because FlickR is not happy with Windows XP. |:

It started with this strappy-bodysuit-harness thing I bought in a Roots sale. I was trying to find a way to show it off but I managed to cover up most of it so I made it it’s own picture. x:

[.In The Buff.]
[Skin] “TSG” Stella in Alabaster/Fuschia [The Sugar Garden by Elfie Sugarplum] I think you can find the fatpack on the marketplace
[Eyes] Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Nuclear) [Mayfly by Arkesh Baral]
[Hair] Clawtooth: Bardot – Beauty Queen [Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth]

[Ears] *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin [Illusions by Siyu Suen]
[Antlers] *~*Sika Antlers [Illusions by Siyu Suen]
[Wings] :::Sn@tch Death Angel Wings::: [Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel]
[Hooves/Tail] Titanias Faun2.0 Female Black (Obsidian) [Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese]

[.Painted On.]
[Body Tattoo] ~silentsparrow~ Tenebrae Tendrils Tattoos [Silent Sparrow by Hyasynth Tiramisu]
[Palm Tattoo] ::: B@R ::: Palmistry Tattoo (Tintable) [Bare Rose by June Dion]

[Eyeshadow] [Pandora’s Box] Emo V2 [Pandora’s Box by Pandora Woodsheart]
[Eyeliner] Grixdale – The Body Shoppe – Fiji – Drift [Grixdale by Tyr Rozenblum] Store closed
[Nails] Adjunct – Unisex Nail Polish – Pink (1980) [Adjunct by Myvegancookbook Bolissima] Past hunt item, not sure is still available

[.Dressed Up.]
[Harness] >>ROOTS<<00S10024 [Roots by Naida Stipe]
[T-Shirt] [M]Cropped Vneck – Black [Medley by Arriah Fiertze]
[Skirt] :::Sn@tch Patrona Afer Dark::: [Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel]
[Gloves] :::Sn@tch Wasted Glory Fishnet Gloves::: [Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel]
[Belt] caLLie cLine – fat belt – hot pink [callie Cline by Callie Cline]
[Socks] =Razorblade Jacket= Roller Derby Thigh Highs / Black [Razorblade Jacket by Kehl Razor]

[.To The Nines.]
[Rose Wreath] *~*Rose Wreath: Black/Copy [Illusions by Siyu Suen] Discontiued, I think
[Collar] !KaVa! – Widower [KaVa by Kaishi Vasser] Might be available on marketplace, I’m not sure
[Necklace] :Z.S: iron cross necklace (pink) [Zombie Suicide by Isis Zamin] Past hunt tiem, not sure if available in store
[Pink Bracelets] SCHADENFREUDE – Starlust Multi-Bangles – Texture Change [Scahdenfreude by Allegory Malaprop] Old, old hunt item x:

[Green Bracelets] [MJ+DADA] Green & Stripe Bangles [MJ+DADA by Mia Jinn] Gacha item

[.Shoot It Out.]
[Poses] Sorry, I’m not sure but they may have been LAP. x.x

[Freebie] Last Hours

It’s the last few hours of the closing sale at Willow. At least I hope it is. Maybe it’s already over? I didn’t check. x: It’s a shame to see Willow go, it seems like we’ve lost a few stores that do original texturing this year.
In addition, I found out that Candy Mountain will be temporarly closing as the Meow sim has been sold so they are having a sale with things priced as low as 20L. This store may already be gone, sorry I was too slow. >: You can find it on the marketplace still with the original prices.

I’m always buying lingerie and leggings. Always saying “this is the last set” and then something else comes up. x:
And I don’t really wear leggings ’cause I spend most of my time wearing hooves and they can look a bit strange together but I can’t seem to avoid buying them…
The tattoos in this picture are Flaunt’s “Fairest of the All Hunt” hunt gift and are available for 5L.
I was going to take a few pictures of the various eyes but time is of the essence. D: If you like shiny, bright, creepy eyes, there are several sets available for you. :3 If Candy Mountain is already gone, the store is still available on the marketplace.

I picked up a fatpack of leggings and a couple of sets of eyes at Candy Mountain. I really like the shading styles at Candy Mountain, they’re very pixel-arty.
Don’t let me buy the kitty skin, I am not a cat, I will never use it. D:
The shorts are a gift in the Willow group notices and you can also find a colourful verion instore for 75L.

This was an outfit I found at Avale for free on the counter. It’s a separate top and skirt set so you can take it apart and use it with other outfits. :3 I jsut thought it was well done so it’s made its way in with those awesome leggings. x:

Yeah, I still need to work on that consistency thing… I just noticed that not having perpendicular floors is rather annoying…

Edit: SLURLs are helpful, Trickett!

Leggings and Lingerie
Hair // .b – ffwd rose // Analog Dog by Queue Marlowe // Hair fair freebie
Skin // *~{Frick} Noir – Gray // Frick by Fricka Morgarth // Old group gift
Antlers // *~*Sika Antlers // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Eyes // . DiViDE eyes . // Candy Mountain by Mynx Legend // 20L a set
Tattoo // (flaunt) Briar Rose Sleeves Tattoo // Flaunt by Suriko Leimes // 5L Fairest of Them All hunt

Wings // ~Scribble~ Nevermore Wings // Scribble by Radio Signals // Store closed
Nails // :: Exodi :: Manipedis – Mani – Black // Exodi by Ryker Beck // Store closed

Lingerie // Willow~ Sweetheart Lingerie – Pink // Willow by Weezey Warwillow // 50L
Leggings // . holeh looya leggings . // Candy Mountain by Mynx Legend // 20L for the set

Shoes // AOHARU_WALK_CrossLacedUpHeels_SilverWhite // Aoharu by Machang Pichot
Pose // -hmaem- *How it usually goes* // No Wow by Lisbeth Gummibaum // <3

I Could Be Trendy…
Hair // [ploom] Arq – Cherry // Ploom by Helyanwe Vindaloo // Available on Marketplace
Skin // [M] Emelie – Summer – Honey // Medley by Arriah Fiertze
Antlers // *~*Sika Antlers // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Eyes // . strings of colour EYES . // Candy Mountain by Mynx Legend // 20L a set
Eye Make-Up // [ni.Ju] Rejected // Ni.Ju by Vitani Jun
Tattoo // (flaunt) 100 Member Gifty // Flaunt by Suriko Leimes // Subscriber gift
Wings // ~Scribble~ Nevermore Wings // Scribble by Radio Signals // Store closed
Nails // [croire] vixen nails (blood) // Croire by Emily Kaestner
Top // Willow~ Peter Pan Blouse – Black Collar // Willow by Weezey Warwillow // 25L
Shorts // Willow~ Kaleidoscope Shorts // Willow by Weezey Warwillow // Group Gift
Leggings // . holeh looya leggings . // Candy Mountain by Mynx Legend // 20L for the set

Shoes // ::Kookie:: Pipp // Kookie by Kookie Lemon
Pose // -hmaem- *Friday Night* // No Wow by Lisbeth Gummibaum // <3

Seperates Appreciation Society
Hair // Alice Project – Kristina // Alice Project by Alice Demonia
Skin // [M] Emelie – Summer – Honey // Medley by Arriah Fiertze
Antlers // *~*Sika Antlers // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Eyes // . DiViDE eyes . // Candy Mountain by Mynx Legend // 20L a set
Make-Up // {Frick} Noveria Makeup – 2.0 Tattoo // Frick by Fricka Morgarth // Old gift
Wings // Sylph Wings in Ocean // Material Squirrel by Kala Bijou
Pink Top / Purple Skirt // .:AVALE:. GIFT Outfit // Avale by Amara Myoo
Leggings // . holeh looya leggings . // Candy Mountain by Mynx Legend // 20L for the set

Shoes // N-core COQUETTE Platform // N-Core by Claire Messenger
Pose // -hmaem- *Muted* // No Wow by Lisbeth Gummibaum // <3

[Freebie] Bare Rose: Over The Moonbow

Bare Rose is one of my favourite stores in Second Life and this year is their seventh anniversary. To celebrate they are hosting a hunt. They stage really nice hunts at least three times a year: they’re cute, creative, beautifully well done and very easy to do. The hunt runs untill the 1st of September so make sure you get there soon. o:
To start, teleport to the store and buy the Moonbow poster on the wall in front of you. Read the prologue, click the link and follow the hint. :3

(I have managed to screw up my rounded corners. Yay.)
In this hunt you win the Over The Moonbow outfit and the steampunk-robot unicron. :D (Cogs! It must be steampunk!) The unicron is rideable and his legs move as you walk. :3 The bonus prize is the boots, which you can find on the main Bare Rose sim.
This outfit comes in male and female versions and also male and female petite versions. The unicorn also comes with a petite version.
(It doesn’t come with the hat. x: The hat is part of the hair, which is by Clawtooth. This shade was available during 50L Friday but you can find other colours at the mainstore.)

In addition, the Bare Rose raffle orb is giving out two bat demon avatars. The raffle orb is constantly giving out small prizes on the Bare Rose sim but for the hunt, two bat demon avatars have been added.
I instantly fell in love with the creepy “bat demon” on the hunt so I was chuffed to win this avatar whilst I was picking up the boots. I was very lucky. :3 I’m going to spend some time at Bare Rose tomrrow hoping for the black version. x:

And I don’t know where I’m going with the blog style. x: I just don’t know what to do with the layout or what set to take my photos in. I’m not a visual designer, I’m a much more practical person. x: So for the next three or posts, we get to see those generic textures I always complain about. x: I really hope to iron this out, I like consistency but I’m defintiely not too great at producing it, it’s starting to niggle…
Also the animations folder is getting scarey.

Outfit // ::: B@R ::: Over The Moonbow // Bare Rose by June Dion // Hunt gift
Unicorn // ::: B@R ::: Brass Horse (Stomach) // Bare Rose by June Dion // Hunt gift
Demon Bat Avatar // ::: B@R ::: Bloody Bat Demon // Bare Rose by June Dion // In store raffle

Not Free
Antlers // *~*Sika Antlers // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals // Illusions by Siyu Siren
Hair (with hat) // // Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth // This colour is a Fifty Linden Friday special
Skin // [M] Emelie – Summer – Honey // Medley by Arriah Fiertze
Eyes // cafe coffe eyes_01 (M) // Mariko by S2marie Resident