[Outfit] One: Coal Pit Tricketts [Red + Black + White]

Woo, a photo worthy of 2010. Go me. :3
This is sort of the start of a new direction. I’m a slow person and I like to add as many layers and attachments as possible and freebie blogging is a lot more about being quick and simple.
“Back” to basics and creating a portfolio of outfits I’ve worn on a regular basis for the most part.

I pick up a lot of freebies and I’ve been doing that for years so a lot of items I wear are now discontued but I’ve done my best to weed out things I know are definitely gone. (I’m also a sucker for closing/retiring sales. People should never close, just retire the worthy stuff to MP. x: )
In future I might try and replace some of the retired things with simialr things still avaible but sometimes you just love those things so much or they fit so well, it’s not possible. x:

[.In The Buff.]
[Skin] (vive9) Miranda [glow] [Vive 9 by Sanya Bilavio] Discontinued
[Eyes] ::EbiEyes:: black [EbiEyes by Kekona Aichi] Store Closed

[Short Hair] [ploom] Arq [Ploom by Helyanwe Vindaloo] Available on marketplace
[Long Hair] !lamb. Glass Candy [Lamb by Lamb Bellic]

[Ears] *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin [Illusions by Siyu Suen]
[Antlers] *~*Sika Antlers [Illusions by Siyu Suen]
[Wings] ~Scribble~ Nevermore Wings / ~Scribble~ Ever After Wings [Scribble by Radio Signals] Store closed
[Legs/Tail] Titanias Faun2.0 Female White (Snow) [Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese]

[.Painted On.]
[Neck Tattoo] -UtopiaH- Never Forget To Smile [Petiita Blackbart]
[Sleeve Tattoo] ::Para Designs:: Sailor Girl Colour [Para Designs by Vicky Werefox]
[Leg Tattoo] ::Para Designs:: SnakeBite Color [Para Designs by Vicky Werefox]

[Eyeshadow] *LpD* – Group Gift! Eyeshadow Black [Les Petits Details by Nevery Lorakeet]
[Lipstick] PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Red Hot New Years [Pididdle by Brutus Martinek]
[Nails] [croire] vixen nails [Croire by Emily Kaestner]

[.Dressed Up.]
[Shirt] PIDIDDLE – Gold Guns Girls PS [Pididdle by Brutus Martniek]
[Shorts] Narwhal – High Waist Super Skirt [Narwhal by Manatee McMillan] Store Closed
[Black Gloves] .:A&M:. Reaction Outfit – DTCH version – Gloves [Acid and Mala by Acido Ferraris] From Reaction outfit
[Striped Gloves] .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Gloves :: NEVERMORE :: [Loulou&Co by Lolly Carlberg]
[Garter Straps] ~Blacklace~ Sienna: White Satin [Blacklace by Mariska Simons] From Sienna set
[Black Socks] Izyumiya – Odd Black Socks [Izumiya by Izumi Homewood] I got these a long time ago and renamed them, I’m not sure they’d still be available
[White Socks] ~*RunoRuno*~ Spring Stockings [RunoRuno by Jojorunoo Runo]

[.To The Nines.]
[Full Piercings] [Acide!] Mike [Acide by AcIde Innovia]
[Crawford Piercings] [-B-] :Basic Piercings: – Double Crawfords [Buried by Naboru Karu]

[Neckerchief] /artilleri/ sue scarf [Artilleri by Antonia Marat]
[Necklace] < Yabusaka > Anchor Long Necklace [Yabusaka by Yabusaka Loon]
[Black/Red Bracelet] Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation [Mariposa by Felicity Winslet] Store Closed
[Silver Braclets] *Ticky Tacky* Spikey Bangles [Ticky Tacky by Narita Rayna] Store Closed

[Red Scarves] /artilleri/ sue scarf [Artilleri by Antonia Marat] Modified for wrists
[Garter] ~*RunoRuno*~ Spring Garter [RunoRuno by Jojorunoo Runo] Tinted

[.Shoot It Out.]
[Poses] Sorry psoe-makers, I suck at this part but I will try harder to remember to write them down… x: I do know that these psoes were from Long Awkward Pose and that LAP is no longer open, however. x: [Long Awakward Pose by Dove Swanson] Store Closed

Note: I flipped one of the images so some things will only appear as they do in both images, i.e. the socks. x: If they’re even still available. x:

[Freebie] Gothica + Hebenon Vial

(or Be Right Back, Addicted to MMOs.)

So I’ve downlaoded a few MMOs recently under the duress of friends and I haven’t really been in SL too much. In short, blog is still a mess. :3
On the brighter side I did eventually download Cool Viewer and now I am capable of leaving my home sim without crashing and lagging for eternity so less complaining abotu that. Yay. If you also have an old, slow comptuer, I think you would appreciate Cool Viewer, too. :3 It doesn’t have shadows or depth of field but that’s O.K. because our computers couldn’t handle it anyway. x: I do miss the favourites bar however and sometimes even the “save as outfit” option.

Today I bring you group gifts from Gothica. :3 The group is free to join and creator, Zillana Andel, has set out a group gift with each of her latest releases.
This is the Laytex Secret outfit and matching boots, which are mesh which means, yay no ankle breaks. :3
“Trickett, don’t you ever wear clothes anymore?”
Sometimes. >:

This mesh dress is the latest release at Gothica. :3 It fits my avatar very well however it only comes in three sizes so if you have a less conventional shape, you may have trouble getting it to your liking. The sizes are described as being Small (for a “small” chest and bottom), Medium (for a large chest and small bottom) and Large (for large chest and bottom) but the other dimensions (i.e. the waist and stomach) remain the same. The sleeves are on a separate mesh but they only come in one size. Admittedly there’s a slight clipping in this photo on the shoulder, that’s no fault of the dress I just really liked the pose. x:
And lastly, Hebenon Vial is closing down. ): This is a relatively new store which I was quite excited about seeing develop. The store largely offers piercings but I picked up a set of tattoos and the beautiful choker, which is no mod/resize scripted but has a texture change and shiny option. Everything costs 30L and I have no idea when it’ll be over. x:

I’m off to play Lineage 2, which my friends made me download last night. x: I get to pick between avatar features and class skills of preference or actual clothing. Yay, fantasy MMOs. ):
Next week: another noob-feminist post on why they probably shouldn’t have called it “Whore Couture Fair”. Or not? x:

Essential Tricketts
Hair // [Shag] – Goodbye – raven // Shag by Sebastien Aries
Skin // KRASOTA – Fransuasa skin T. 1 m. 1 // Krastoa by NinasBell Resident
Eyes // [T.P]-Mourn- Orleans // The Plastik by Aikea Rieko
Antlers // *~*Sika Antlers // Illusions by Siyu Suen
Ears // *~*Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals // Illusions by Siyu Suen
Eye Liner/Lashes + Freckles // La Malvada Mujer – Twiggy eyes + fr. // La Malvada Mujer by Faina Cortes Lipstick // PIDIDDLE – Party Pink Lipstick – Gloss/Teeth // Pididdle by Brutus Martinek
Wings // ~Scribble~ Ever After / Nevermore Wings // Scribble by Radio Signals

First Tricketts
Eyeshadow // ee. gaganess aqua // Elegant Epiffany by Bubble Faintree Choker // :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30 L Closing Sale
Tattoo // :Hebenon Vial: Death of Baroque [80%] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30L closing sale
Bodysuit + Stockings // [G] Laytex Secret *Full Body Suit* Straps ! White ! // Gothica by Zillana Andel // Group Gift
Boots // Laytex Hot Boots ! White ! // Gothica by Zillana Andel // Group Gift

Second Tricketts
Eyeshadow // lime // Elegant Epiffany by Bubble Faintree Choker // :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30 L Closing Sale
Tattoo // :Hebenon Vial: Death of Baroque [80%] // Hebenon Vial by Trisha Zweig // 30L closing sale
Dress + Sleeves // ~[Gothica]~ Funky Jester !!Lime!! // Gothica by Zillana Andel
Boots // Laytex Hot Boots ! White ! // Gothica by Zillana Andel // Group Gift