[pixel heart.] First Release

(Or x: Is The Best Emoticon.)
So I guess I made a store. It can be found on the Market Place. I called it Pixel Heart. :3
It’s just somewhere to put the things I work on and like enough to offer to other people. It’s a work in progress and everything will be very cheap. Just something to help me make Lindens I guess. x:
The name is rather uninspired and generic yet I still somehow like it. x: I don’t know if there’s been another Pixel Heart in SL. I know there is Paper Heart although I didn’t think of this untill after I named it. x: I decided to make it all stylised and not capitalise it and add a full stop because I like stores and blogs that do this for some reason. The grammar policeman inside of me is very annoyed by this blatant disregard for proper nouns but the artsy hipster is very satisfied.
Generally my friends expect some sort of deer reference and there would have been but I couldn’t come up with one. x: I considered for a moment “Pixel Hart” but I think that’ll go over a lot of heads and just make it harder to find. x:

The first release is a pixel heart tattoo. It’s pretty simple and it was easy to make so it’s currently 5L. x: I did want these out several days earlier, I was going to drop them off on a couple of freebie bloggers as a St. Valentine’s promo kind of thing but I was too slow. x:

There are three variations on the chest and three on the legs. It comes in all layers and is modify so it can be tinted and the legs / arms / chest part can also be hidden. :3

[Just picture a screenshot of the hands here, pretty much. x: ]
I also made the glove layer a freebie, kind of like a promotional thing. x:
(What a convenient time to go down for maintenance, Market Place. x: )

Admittedly my posters, they’re not that spectacular. x: They’re like everything I do, exceedingly simple and done in MS Paint. x: I like them but I think, to appeal to everyone who isn’t me and isn’t impressed by MS Paint boxes, I need to swat up on on my GIMP skills, find some brushes and fonts. x:
I guess these are my goals for this year and it only took me almost two months to get around to producing something worthwhile? x:

I should definitely put the style card up here although I’m never certain of what is still around… I may come back and edit this…

Hopefully planning to do a major link overhaul in the next few days and then I have to really work on catching up with SLRDA. So I guess that means no new releases for another year. I am productive. x:
Also need to add all the people over the past two or three years who have added me to their contact lsit on Flickr, I think, which I’m sure will confuse at least some of them. x:

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