Blogs: They Are Difficult

I am considering taking a new direction with you, blog. Instead of being all fashion-y and proper you may be more colloqueal and casual. Maybe.
Genereally the problem with blogs is that they take time and this is time I require to level up several characters in Aika so I can get free move-speed crystals thus decreasing my chances of being stuck at the back of a raid to be picked of by Evolutions and Zhie. And the problem with fashion blogs is everyone and her Ozimals rabbit has a fashion blog. (I am waiting for little bows and stuff you can put on those rabbits…) So to have a successful one people actually want to look at it’s even more important to spend a lot of time working on looks and taking awesome photos and I don’t know if I have the skills or effort-ing abilities for it. x:
But then there are major elements of me saying: “Why not just go back to your blogger blog? It’s all colour co-ordinated.” I am considering it but my old blog did end with a lot of emo boy posts that I would be fairly embarressed if people found as I always am with any kind of whiney, emo and generally questionable post that may generate feelings of boredom and snark from on lookers. If I had to read five pages of ‘woe is me, there’s this boy and then there’s me and I’ve messed up and lost my mind and he doesn’t care, boo-hoo’ I’d potentially be pretty irritated by the author. So I made this blog so I could have a cleanslate and go for a professional white and shiney blog, which already appears to be backfiring. I may just not be a white and shiney person. I’m very much a hoarder (woo, 106k) so maybe all my blogs are doomed to be messy, unfinished and thought-up-on-the-spot.

If I’m going to redirect you, blog, I have to implement rules. I don’t know quite what those rules are though. They may go like this:
1. No whiney-boy posts ever.
Whining (Whineing? Whine-mongering?) is permitted if something major in happens that is not satisfactory to the situation. For example: SL finally eats your inventory.
Boy posts are permitted if you meet an actual person and how awesome everything is going and you can’t be on SL much because you’re actually participating in a normal, adult lifestyle.
2. Avoid too much ranting, attempt to keep stuff light hearted.
It goes without saying that I have shape issues. And I’m an uneducated feminist so I have issues with over-sexualism in the SL fashion scene. And some other minor grievances. Sometimes a nice, organised shape rant is good (cue the “It’s my choice, it’s my SL, I do what I want” rage) however not every day because nobody really gets your shape issues.
Rants about related able things in good humour are good.
3. A photo with every post regardless of what or how bad that photo is.
Photos are good, they make everything appealing. The thing about photos and blogging is that every blogger wants epic Strawberry-Singh-photos but epic Strawberry-Signh-photos require a lot of stuff. One of those stuffs is a decent computer of which I am lacking. My computer is currently suffering nervous break downs every now and then. Seriously, it just stops working and you have to restart it and kick it to get it to run again. <.<
Another stuffs is organisation skills and time, I guess I have all the time in the world though? x:
Also, I don't know where to put these pictures. I kind of just want to upload them to WordPress if they're not going to be spectacular. There's Photobucket but I don't know if that eventually gets full? Hm.
4. It's probably good to have a subject in mind to focus on before you start blogging.
Otherwise you just end up with pages of… This really. Lots of "what to do, what to do, ho hum". I don't know. I get ideas and I go "I so have to make some kind of awesome statement about this, it'll go like this" and then I start blogging in my head and it sounds amazing. Then I go to write things and it's like "Hi, I see you are writing more text walls to no-one" but maybe things will even themselves out? ._.
5. I can't think of anymore. Shorter posts are probably better? ._.

I think this is a satisfactory 'I-have-not-given-up-on-you-yet' blog post. I took this picture of plants you could grow at Stray Pig that I thought looked pretty awesome but as I haven't decided how to upload pictures I am already defying Rule Number Three and posting without an image. Sadface. ):

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2 Responses to Blogs: They Are Difficult

  1. Well I think epic-Strawberry-Singh-photos are overrated anyways. One thing you have that the Strawberry chick doesn’t have is a way with words. Your writing definitely leaves your readers entertained with a smile on their face. :)

    I’m glad you haven’t given up on your blog yet. :)

    • Trickett says:

      Aw, thank you. I have been saying ‘I will blog’ for over a year so I may never get past ‘blog is coming’. x:

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