Once I Get This Done…

It will be plain sailing…

I’m making a rediculously organised, concise list of stores that nobody will ever use. ): Well maybe I’ll use it but everybody else will forget about it. :/
It’s intensive. It takes up a lot of time and reasearching but once I get this out the way it’s jsut a few hours of picking new outfits and taking photos every week or so, we hope. x:
I know there’s a few good lists already out there but I’m going to do this. x: I don’t think they’d include as large a range as me. I’m finding so many little Japanese shops I never really hear of and some new furniture ones from the Fashion Avenue feed.
I’m hoping every store is a store I would buy from (if I was a millionaire) although they may not nessacarily feature on the blog much, if at all. That’s why I’ll be using the post tags to list which stores are used. :3
This is why I’m not allowed to have a public blog, I think too much. x:
Anyway, I have a few places I need to visit today then it’s on with the link updating. I wish I could find someone to get the SLURLs for me and tell me exactly what the store is selling. x.x
I will be filtering out stores I don’t feel have very good quality stuff ’cause I’m elitist. ): But I will be keeping in a lot of stores that use templates. Not stores that just go straight from the templates, I don’t think but noticable template users.
I am considering doing a home and garden section and a texture page because people will ask me where they can get prefabs or furniture or plants from and I’m sick of not knowing. x.x

And I’ve discovered a decent way to reduce lag – go back to taking photos without windlight. Sometimes I forget you can get a decent photo without it if you’re jsut doing studio stuff. I bet it’s better with windlight, it’s alway better with windlight (so long as you know what you’re doing) but I think I can sacrifice it.


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