A Start…

So this blog’s been floating empty in cyberspace for a while now and I think I really want to give this a shot. I’m not sure why. When I see blogs I can’t help but think ‘I can do that’.
I admit I never read the feeds, I read freebie blogs and it’s becoming a fairly sporadic event. I’m kind of beginning to see why. I’m running through blogs to add to my blog list and they’re not really catching my attention, I’m not sure who to add. You might be really artsy and you might have photo-shopping skills of win but I’m not really seeing the style. Maybe it’s because I’m a colour-balancer who learnt all her outfit designing skills from GaiaOnline and not a fashionista up to date on the new season? x: (I’m working on that bit actually – in this season is clothes that look like underwear and apparently denim but still no return of the flare. ): )
And then there’s the freebie blogs. I love freebie blogs, they got me most of the clothes I have but let’s face it some of them aren’t really fashion blogs.
I wish I could create my own feed, I’m so not getting this Bloglines thing. x:

I don’t have very good photo skills. There was one point where I was kind of pleased with them but now they’re kind of bleh again. I don’t have a very consistant photography style, which annoys me a lot actually. I totally wish I could hire Prue or Narita to do it because they’re photo skills are pretty awesome but I’m going to learn this. x:
I’m considering getting a new graphics card for my birthday in the hope if it doesn’t help my photo skills at least it will help my lag issues.

And my other issue would be of course money. x: Prue says “you blog what you have” but sometimes I don’t have something that compliments something I’m working on. And of course there’s always that moment you see something and go “that’s awesome, I need that, I can use it” and then there’s the ten sales on every week.
I’m going to blow some of my last money on textures and try for a live model job or two this month, I’m almost certain of it. It would be of major assistance to me if SL would rez my skins so I could take photos.
I’m currently earning all my L from Earn2Life, it’s actually pretty decent when you think about it: TP – get paid, but I don’t know how often it updates despite having it for a while.
I thought about getting a credit card and putting money into SL but all I have is savings from birthday money. I want to be disciplined and say only £10 a month but there’s so many sales and bargain days and special items it would last a week and in five years time or ten years time or who-knows time I think I’ll regret having put money into SL when I want a holiday or whatever people are spending money on. With my energy levels, fatigue and general self-esteem a job’s still not looking like a good idea but I have asked the job centre to help me out, I”ll try something and see if I can do it. If I’m making money putting money into SL might not look so bad.
I thought about buying some full perm things and making my own stuff but I know I’m not creative enough. To make money on a store you have to network and you have to be constantly working and thinking and releasing new things and I am constantly procrastinating and mind-blocked. Which isn’t a great way to start a blog but it doesn’t have to be like an everyday thing, there are no [what’s the word x.x]. x:

Oh and I need to sort my inventory properly. I’ve been boxing up tan skins and some of the darker skins and any clevage options. I guess I’ll need those if I’m going to play around for shapes but for now they get deleted. x: I need to box or delete just plain ugly skins. I can’t really delete skins, I am very much a skin whore. :/

Anyway, on with the blog fixing. I want to get a decent set of blogs and store links up before I go on to proper posting. I don’t know whether to do store blogs yet, I’m thinking no, as awesome as they are, it’s a lot of work to go through the whole store list seeing if they have a blog, a personal feed really would be awesome. I have no idea how feeds work. x.x
I don’t really like WordPress, I don’t know whether to stick with Blogger but I guess it’s too late now? x: Category, Tag, what’s the difference?
And I totally modified my typing so there were sections with paragraphs instead of just being long run on paragraphs so if it seems weird, I was only trying to make the journey seem shorter. x:
And the word was obligations.

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  1. Earn2Life is still one of the best way of earning linden dollars in Second Life. I still make a few from it.

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